Benedict Chess

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This page is written by the game's inventor, Dan Troyka.

Benedict Chess

By W. D. Troyka


Standard chess rules apply, except:

Benedict Chess is a chaotic game of rapidly shifting alliances.  You must move your pieces to attack enemy pieces and establish a presence near the enemy King as soon as possible. Because there is no capturing, the full complement of 32 pieces remains on the board at all time, and the game is strictly positional.

Flipping the opponent's array pawns is not as advantageous as may first appear. Because they cannot capture, flipped pawns can serve as shields preventing, temporarily, flipping of the blockaded pieces. This helps to neutralize White's opening advantage.

Games are quick and seldom last over twenty rounds.

Computer Play

An implementation of Benedict Chess has been written for Zillions of Games.

A half-board version has been implemented by Ken Franklin.  It can be downloaded from the Free Downloads section at the Zillions of Games web site.

Written by W. D. Troyka.
WWW page created: September 28, 2002.