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This page is written by one of the game's inventor, John Love-Jensen.


This chess variant was communicated to me by John Love-Jensen. He wrote that he and his colleagues like to play this game, and that it is slightly faster than orthodox chess.


All rules are as in orthodox chess, with the following exception: the king moves and captures as a chess queen, but cannot move through check, even to capture the checking piece. (I.e., the king may not move over or to a square that is attacked by a piece from the opponent.) So, for instance, a king on a1 cannot take a rook on a8, and the position: White King c3, Rook a1; Black King c1, still is a mate.

Raven Chess

Raven chess was sent to us by email from Richard (last name unknown). It is played as SuperKing, except that kings may also leap over friendly pieces. I assume kings may not leap over a threatened friendly piece.
Written by: Hans Bodlaender, based on a text of John Love-Jensen.
Raven Chess added by: Ben Reiniger, based on an email from Richard. Added March 14, 2014.
WWW page created: December 18, 1996.