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Fish Chess

In his booklet Neue Chess, David Moeser describes his chess variant Fish Chess, which he invented on June 10, 1971.


The game is similar to orthodox chess, but with the following differences:

  1. Pawns are replaced by Fish. A Fish has all movement possibilities of a pawn, but can also move without taking vertically backwards. So, a white pawn on e2 can move without taking to e3, to e4 (when e3 is empty), and to e1, and it can take on d3 and f3.
  2. Fish (pawns) on the first and on the second row can make a double step forwards, regardless whether they already made such a double step. So, for instance, a fish (pawn) could move from e2 to e1 to e3 to e2 to e4 to e3 to e2 to e4. When making a double step, a fish (pawn) can be captured en passant, also when stepping from first to third row.


Of course, one plays this game with a normal set of pieces, just remembering the new move possibilities for the pawns.

Written by Hans Bodlaender. Information based on description from Neue Chess, kindly sent to me by David Moeser.
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