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Chosen Chess

By Gianni Cottogni


Chosen Chess is a variant of FIDE Chess where each turn you move a piece you "chose" last turn, and then select the piece you will move the next turn.

Board and Setup

The equipment and initial arrangement as in FIDE Chess.


The game is conducted by rules of FIDE Chess with the following changes:

  • There is no Check or Checkmate.
  • Castling is allowed when King and Rook are in their starting positions with no other pieces between. Castling is considered a move of the King.
  • For the first move, White chooses a movable piece of his army (in order to remember chosen pieces, two little markers like draughts/checker pieces could be useful); then Black does the same.

    In the subsequent moves, players:

      1) Move the piece they chose last turn;
      2) Then choose another of their pieces, to be the chosen piece the following turn.

    It is mandatory to move the chosen piece, and to then choose a different piece (e.g.: you cannot move the Queen, then choose again the Queen to be used the subsequent move; you must change the piece. However, you can move a Rook, then choose the other Rook).

  • Victory conditions:

    • Capturing the opponent's King;
    • Stalemating the opponent, by preventing their chosen piece from being moved, either by capturing it, or (if the chosen piece is a Pawn), by blocking it.
    • Baring the opposing King, since they then can not choose another piece.

Zillions of Games

There is an implementation of Chosen Chess for Zillions of games. You can download it here:

Written by Gianni Cottogni. HTML conversion by Peter Aronson.
WWW page created: May 3rd, 2001.