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Destiny Chess

By Sergey Sirotkin


Destiny Chess is a variant of International Chess where each turn a coin is flipped to determine if there is a revolution, and thus the player's pieces now belong to their opponent, and their opponent's pieces now belong to them.


The game is conducted by rules of International Chess with the following changes:

  • At the beginning of the game, one player chooses heads, and one tails.
  • Each turn, before making their move, each player tosses the coin.
  • If the coin shows their side, they then make their move as normally.
  • If the coin shows their opponent's side, there has been a revolution! The board is turned around 180 degrees, and the player that was formerly playing the white pieces is now playing the black pieces, and the player that was formerly playing the black pieces is now playing the white pieces.

Each turn a player makes a move with the pieces that now belong to them. A player wins if they checkmate (or capture) the opponent's king using the pieces that they are currently moving.

Sample Game

The game's notation specifies the color of pieces, movement, result of a throw of a coin (Revolution, or not).

   Player 1        Player 2

1. W: e2-e4;       B: d7-d4
2. W: Ng1-f3, Re;  W: g2-g4
3. B: d5xe4,  Re;  B: e4xf3
4. W: Bf1-c4;      B: Bc8xg4, Re
5. B: Ng8-f6;      W: Nb1-c3, Re
6. W: h2-h3,  Re;  W: h3xg4
7. B: e7-e6;       W: Bc4-b5+, Re
8. W: Bb5xe8, win

Written by Sergey Sirotkin. HTML Conversion by Peter Aronson.
WWW page created: May 7th, 2001.