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Chess Stamps from Laos

Jean-Louis Cazaux sent the following scans of stamps. These stamps are, as the pictures show, issued by Laos in 1984, to celebrate the 60th birthday of the FIDE.

The first stamp shows a game of Grande Acedrex, a historic large chess variant. The picture is probably from the Codex of Alfonso X - a book from the middle ages by King Alfonso the Tenth on games. The other pictures show games of Shatranj, or medieval chess. The fact that one of these pictures has a board smaller than 8 by 8 is probably just a mistake or an artistic freedom of the painter.

Scans sent by Jean-Louis Cazaux. WWW page made by Hans Bodlaender. For faster downloading, the file of Cazaux was cut into six pieces, and the quality of the image was slightly reduced.
WWW page made: February 16, 1999.