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Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi pictures

Below are some pictures of a board and pieces for Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi, a large shogi variant played without drops. The set was aquired in 1986 from George Hodges (1934–2010).

The board is vinyl, about 30.75 x 27.75 inches (78 x 70.5 cm). The playing surface is approximately 27 x 24 inches (68.5 x 61 cm). The pieces are a dense yellow plastic, with the unpromoted rank written in black, and the promotion rank written in red. The Osho (King) is about 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) long.

The photos were taken with a Nikon COOLPIX 2000 digital camera.

Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi: setup Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi: setup Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi: player's eye view Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi: all pieces Maka-Dai-Dai Shogi: close up of Osho (king) and Fuhyo (pawn)

Written by John Lawson. Modified by Fergus Duniho to note the death of George Hodges.
WWW page created: March 27, 2003.