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Korean chess: photo's

Korean chess, or more accurately Changgi, is the variant of chess played in Korea. You can read more information on this game on this website. Below, you see some photo's of a Korean chess set. The set of pieces was bought in Korea. The board is not original Korean. The pieces are from a sort of sturdy plastic. The pictures, made by a Kodak DC20 digital camera, are given below as thumbnails: if you click on a picture, you get it in a larger size.

From the pictures, you can see that the pieces are octagonals; there is, in contrast to Xiangqi, Chinese Chess, no river in the middle of the board, but there are to castles at both sides.

Written and photo's by Hans Bodlaender. Thanks to David Howe, who donated the camera.
WWW page created: February 19, 2001.