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Voting for the contest to design a 10-chess variant

Find here the groups to vote on for the 10-chess variant contest. The detailed voting rules can be read on another webpage. In short:
  • You cannot vote in a group that contains your own games.
  • Order the games in a group in order how much you like them, from best till worst.
  • As much as you can, please try the games out before voting on them.
  • When voting, please take into consideration originality, playability, your own enjoyment in playing the game, and how the number 10 plays a role in the variant.
See the main page of the contest or at the bottom of this website for links to the respective games. To vote, use the automated script for this. Each group has its own webpage with the automated script:

Group A

  • 10-directional Chess, by Jörg Knappen
  • AtTENdance Chess, by Erez Schatz
  • Camel and Rhino Chess, by Tony Quintanilla
  • Capablanca Random Chess, by Reinhard Scharnagl
  • d10 Chess by Bruce Leban
  • Decima by Mike Nelson
  • Hexa Decimal by Joost aan den Brugh
To vote for group A, go to this webpage.

Group B

  • 10 minute melee by Mason Green
  • The Bermuda Chess Angle by Gary K. Gifford
  • Caïssa Britannia by Fergus Duniho
  • Chariots, by David Jagger
  • Eurasian Chess, by Fergus Duniho
  • Ladder Shogi by Mason Green
  • Odin's Rune Chess, by Gary K. Gifford
  • TRiPLiCiTY, by David Jagger
To vote for group B, go to this webpage.

Group C

  • Chess with Batteries, by Roberto Lavieri
  • Countdown, by Jared McComb
  • Ecumenical Eurasian Ninjachess, by Charles Gilman
  • Magi, by Neal Meyer
  • Manchala Chess, by Dhruv Manchala
  • MORE10, by Roberto Lavieri
  • Yagbap, by Jared B. McComb
  • Wildeurasian Qi, by Charles Gilman
To vote for group C, go to this webpage.

Group D

  • Monster Bluff Chess, by Dale Holmes.
  • Opulent Chess, by Greg Strong.
  • Salmon P. Chess, by Dale Holmes
  • Shatranj Kamil (64) by David Paulowich
  • Stack Chess, by Doug Chatham
  • Taratibu, by Glenn Overby
  • TenCubed Chess, by David Paulowich
  • veSQuj by Glenn Overby
To vote for group D, go to this webpage.

Much thanks in advance to all that vote!

Written by Hans Bodlaender. Webpage posted: June 29, 2005. Last modified: June 30, 2005.