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Variant Chess

This messages was posted on on January 18, 1995, by Philip M. Cohen, Jeff Mallett, informed me about the correct subscription and single issue costs.
An established chess-variant magazine is *Variant Chess*, of which #15 (Oct-Dec 94) recently arrived. This issue has three pages on various forms of Progressive Chess, an article by Koichi Masukawa on the origin of shogi, four pages of chess problems, two pages on Kriegspiel, reviews and rule sketches of two commercial four-handed chesses, rules for a couple of CVs, annotated games of Modern Courier Chess and Avalanche Chess, and reviews of two books. One of these is Li's kriegspiel book; the reviewer finds the book well-written, with excellent diagrams 'an entertaining introduction to the game'. The letter column includes a letter from Michael Muff of St. Paul MN claiming a forced win for Black in Giveaway Chess after every White move but 1. b3--and he still favors Black there. He says the analysis has been reviewed by a host of masters. Some of the endgames, at least as so far analyzed, may be draws by the AISE rule that stalemate is a draw.

Subscription information removed, because this magazine is no longer published.

Written by Philip M. Cohen and Hans L. Bodlaender.
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