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Chess variants on boards with 38 squares

In "The 38-challenge" I offer this four funny boards to Hans to play funny tournaments on it.
I will call the boards "H38", "A38", "N38" and "S38".

Because a board alone is not a chess variant, I supply two games playable on every board:

Chego: a crossover of Chess and Go;
ChessNim: a Nim-game with chess material.

In this games the player may choose the board and the pieces, they wish to use.

The choice of the board for this competition is restricted to four above.
For the pieces there are no restrictions. It is a question of trials to find out the best material for an interesting play in each combination of the proposed games/boards.

Written by: Alfred Pfeiffer, Jan. 1998.
This is an entry in the Challenge to create a chess variant on a board with 38 squares.
WWW page created: February 2, 1998.