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The 32-Turn Challenge Index Page

In March 2000, a contest to design a chess variant that lasts at most 32 turns was started. On this webpage, you will find the links to the submitted games, rules of the contest, the winners, etc.

The Results!

The results are in!

The games

  1. The Knightliest Black Hole. Submitted March 10, 2000, by João Pedro Neto.
  2. Wormhole Chess. Submitted March 22, 2000, by Fergus Duniho. 4th Place! Congratulations Fergus!
  3. Attrition Chess. Submitted April 7, 2000, by Nathan James.
  4. Sudden Death Chess. Submitted April 7, 2000, by Doug Chatham. 3rd Place! Congratulations Doug!
  5. French Revolution Chess. Submitted April 20, 2000, by Hans Bodlaender.
  6. Progressive Forwards Chess. Submitted April 28, 2000, by Hans Bodlaender. 2nd Place! Congratulations Hans!
  7. Rolling Kings. Submitted April 29, 2000, by Peter Aronson. 1st Place! Congratulations Peter!
  8. Give & Take Chess. Submitted May 27, 2000, by J. Mark Thompson.
  9. King's Run. Submitted July 25, 2000, by Fergus Duniho.
  10. Enthralling Chess. Submitted July 31, 2000, by Jeff Kiska.
  11. Arena Chess. Submitted July 31, 2000, by Jeff Kiska.
  12. Diffusion Chess. Submitted July 31, 2000, by Alexandre Muñiz.


  1. Demotion Chessgi. Submitted July 31, 2000, by Fergus Duniho.

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