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This is a rules file for Zillions of Games, a Windows program that will let you play any puzzle or strategy board game you can feed it the rules to. With Zillions-of-Games installed, this rules file will let you play this game against your computer.


*** K4
*** created by cherry 26th January 2006
*** released early march 2006
*** thanks to creators of zillions and chessvariants site

K4 is played with 2 Kings per side. Capture 1 King to win the game, or reduce enemy to 2 lone Kings. There is no checkmate, King capture is the rule.  There are 6 variants, with 2 games on a 9x9 board, 2 games on a 10x10 board, and 2 games on a 8x8 board. Plays with the ancient pieces.

The 9x9 and 10x10 variants have a 'Chaturanga' variant and 'Xiangqi' variant. The 8x8 has 2 'Xiangqi' variants, one with a Dabbaba. Total pieces used in all variants are: Rook, Knight, Ship (Alfil), Wazir, Fers, General (moves as King), Dabbaba, Mao, Xiang (Chinese elephant) 
and King. 'Chaturanga' variants use Knight and Ship (alfil), 'Xiangqi' variants use Mao and Xiang (Chinese elephant).
'Switch piece set' if you want another graphic for the General (shown in screen 2, the 10x10 below).

below is screen of the 9x9 'Chaturanga' variant.

below is screen of the 10x10 'Chaturanga' variant (with alternate graphic for the General).

below is screen of a 8x8 'Xiangqi' variant

best chess site in the world:

game notes:
wow this is a lot of fun, i love it :))
'chaturanga' pieces were too powerful for the 8x8 board.
if you like this game, check out the great original chess game 'chaturanga' that inspired it;

Download instructions

Instructions on downloading this Zillions file:

  • Download the .zip file
  • Extract the contents of the .zip file to your Zillions of Games folder
  • Be sure you have the "Use folder names" checkbox checked when you extract the files.

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