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Flying Armies

This is a rules file for Zillions of Games, a Windows program that will let you play any puzzle or strategy board game you can feed it the rules to. With Zillions-of-Games installed, this rules file will let you play this game against your computer.

Flying Armies created between september 2005 and may 2006 by cherry massive thanks to L. Lynn Smith and David Howe updated 2012 to add 8 extra pieces, see at end of page** updated 2006 june 7 - see update info at end of this page * Flying Armies is played on an 8x8 board in the style of 'crazyhouse' in which captured pieces can be dropped back as your own. There are lots of variants and over 50 different fairy pieces used. There are variants with the Grasshopper and Locust and also 'rifle' pieces. Also, on the 'army wars' zrf there are 4 different armies that play against each other. Pawns in all variants promote to Knight, Dabbaba or Alfil. Short descriptions below. * Armies: 26 variants with pieces from Shogi, Chaturanga, XiangiQi, Janggi, Leapers and Compound Leapers plus more (right click on board to see all pieces - not all in variants). * Army Wars1 -beta1: 4 different armies play against each other, Shogi, Chaturanga, Leapers (long) and ShatranjElephants (short range). Still in beta stage. See 'different armies' read me. * Grasshopper Locust: Wow the Grasshopper and Locust love games with drops! The Locust is mostly used in fairy chess problems, because it must make a capturing move to move! So a game with drops, well, let's just say the locust is super cool to see :) Also has the Nightriderhopper and 'Greater-Grasshopper' amongst others. There is 1 rifle shooter, GeneralZap, which has a '1 square sideways' rifle shot, please note that to capture by rifle shot you click on the piece you wish to capture. Also there are some fun variants on this zrf, check out '7 knights'! (see last diagram on this page) * Rifle: i love these variants. i made around 22 different pieces based kinda on XiangQi pieces adding a rifle capture to them. Leaping and sliding rifle captures! I made 12 variants with each piece at least in 2 variants. Still kinda beta but the tests i did played very well. It is a whole new world of rifle fairy pieces.Please note that to capture by rifle shot you click on piece you wish to capture. Below is a screen of 'Dracula--Sang33--Rhino44' from 'rifle' zrf. This is '7 Knights' from the 'grasshopper locust' zrf. There is also a variant with pawns, but without pawns is pretty interesting, to say the least. i hope you all enjoy 'Flying Armies', someone better, because .. lol .. nah i enjoy it so that is good enough for me but i am sure some people will so there you go i'm mad :) ** UPDATE 2012 INFO added 8 extra pieces Ark (rook + alfil) Alibaba-Slider ...... moves like alibaba but must slide Alibaba-Wazir-Slider Alibaba-Fers-Slider Lion .................. the 'must jump to move' lion (not shogi lion or murray lion, see 'Piececlopedia' 'lion2') Dragon .................. knight + pawn Knight-Alfil-Wazir Knight-Dabbaba-Fers * UPDATE INFO * updated june 7 -about a week after release :) * added new variant to 'armies' called 'maostar-xiangstar' * added new variant to 'grasshopper locust' called '6 knights' (renamed a variant already called that, to be more precise) * added piece 'zurafa' (tamerlane chess) to 'armies' and 'grasshopper ..' (note this piece not in any variants though) * renamed some edited files to be more precise. * corrected spelling mistakes of 2 pieces names in 'rifle' lol :) =================================================================

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