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This is a rules file for Zillions of Games, a Windows program that will let you play any puzzle or strategy board game you can feed it the rules to. With Zillions-of-Games installed, this rules file will let you play this game against your computer.

FallingSnow plays with some extremely powerful pieces, on a 10x8 board. The 5 superpower pieces all can move as a rook 'hook mover', as well as their other moves. There is a gradual increase in power from 'arjuna' to 'siva' to 'aradhitah', and then from 'sankarsana' to 'syama'. Piece Descriptions: * Arjuna - hook-mover and bishop. * Siva - hook-mover, bishop and vao. * Aradhitah - hook-mover, bishop, vao and cannon. * Sankarsana - hook-mover, bishop, vao, cannon, knight, alfil, camelrider and dabbabarider. * Syama - hook-mover, bishop, vao, cannon, knight, alfil, camelrider, dabbabarider and nightrider. * Foool - moves like a knight, alfil and camel. * General - moves like a king * Pawn - moves like normal pawn, promotes on 8th to General. * King - normal king Checkmating or stalemating wins the game, as well as reducing enemy to lone King. *** The 'hook mover' itself has a double rook move, being able to move any number of squares in any orthogonal direction, immediately followed by a further move at right angles to the first. The two legs of the 'Hook Mover' move do not have to be of the same length, and it is not compulsory that it make a 2nd Rook move. To give some idea of the power of this move it is worth noting that the 'Hook Mover' on an empty board would be able to reach any square in one turn!
screenshot white left to right 1st rank: Arjuna, Sankarsana, King, Foool, Aradhitah, Syama and Siva

game notes: gameplay is pretty good, interesting, pretty sharp and unforgiving :) 'foool' is pretty cool, jumping around amongest the super pieces. i think the great number of 'Generals' in this game is required because of the great power of the other pieces, they are needed to 'hold' the game together. otherwise, the board would vibrate and blow up in your face :) If the 'Queen' and 'Amazon' were in this game, these would be the values by zillions. Queen: 16,961 Amazon: 22,930 Arjuna: 83,180 Siva: 89,131 Aradhitah: 98,821 Sankarsana: 119,442 Syama: 127,990 to see a rook 'hook-mover' in action check out the game 'Xhatranj' (Rahke). to see a bishop hook-mover in action, check out 'Zhou Xia' (CapricornKing).

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