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The Grand Crossing

Chessclub `Promotie' (`Promotion') in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands has for many years each year between Christmas and New Years Eve an `Oliebollen'-tournament. (Oliebollen are a traditional Dutch treat for the end of the year.) In this tournament, several chess variants are played - some existing ones, but also several new ones, just invented for the occasion.

One of such variants, described in a booklet called `Bloemlezing Humorschaak', written by Henk Breugem of SV Promotie, is this variant, called `The grand crossing' ('De grote oversteek'). The variant is probably invented by Henk Breugem or another member of Chessclub `Promotie'.

Games with a similar idea, but with an opening setup different from orthodox chess are Parton's Dodo-chess and Racing Kings.


This variant of orthodox chess has a different objective. The game differs from orthodox chess in the following points: it is illegal to check the king of the opponent (while one still may not move ones own king into check). The first player that moves his king to a square at the last row at the opponents side of the board wins the game.

Written by Hans Bodlaender, based on Henk Breughem's booklet.
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