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Bishops moving puzzle

Karen Robinson, who intented the Chess Contradance puzzle, informed me about a similar puzzle, upon which her Chess Contradance was based, from the computer program The 7th Guest, a program with a horror story where the player must solve puzzles.

One of the puzzles is the Bishops moving puzzle.

The puzzle originated with the puzzle king H. E. Dudeney, who published it as "A New Bishop's Puzzle" in his book "Amusements in Mathematics" in 1917. This puzzle has also shown up in the popular program "The 7th Guest", a program with a horror story where the player must solve puzzles. 36 move solutions can be found in Maxey Brooke's 1963 book 'Coin Games and Puzzles', and in L. E. Hordern's 'Sliding Piece Puzzles'.


A four by five board is given, with at one side four white bishops, and at the other side, four black bishops. The player must find a sequence of legal bishops moves, such that no bishop can ever be taken by one of the opposite color. It is not needed to alternate white and black moves.



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