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This page is written by the game's inventor, JasonWittman.

Halloween Knight Court

Jason D. Wittman

Halloween Knight Court is a Halloween themed variant of Knight Court.

Board and Setup

The game is played on a 3x3 board. Both Black and White players start out with a Headless Rider (White a1, Black a3), a Lycanthrope (White b1, Black b3), and a Bat (White c1, Black c3).
Halloween Knight's Setup


The object is to checkmate the opponent's Headless Rider.

When a piece is captured, that piece's owner can replace it on any empty square on any subsequent turn (this counts as a move). But the piece can only be replaced in the form in which it was captured, a captured Lycanthrope can only be placed as a Lycanthrope, a captured Bat as a Bat, etc.


The Headless Rider moves and captures exactly like a Knight, and is subject to rules of check and checkmate. A player whose Headless Rider is checkmated loses the game.

The Lycanthrope moves one square orthogonally, and captures in the same manner. Upon completing her move, she turns into a Werewolf, which moves and captures like a Bishop, then turns back into a Lycanthrope.

The Bat moves one square in any direction, but cannot capture. After moving, she turns into a Vampire, which moves and captures like a Rook, then turns back into a Bat.


I've playtested Halloween Knight Court with Zillions of Games with roughly even results, though some games last over 300 moves. I hope you enjoy it.

Written by Jason D. Wittman.
WWW page created: November 1st, 2003.