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This page is written by the game's inventor, Mark Leff.


The board is 4 files and 8 ranks. Each player has 4 pawns, 1 rook, 1 bishop, and 2 knights. It is set up as follows:

White: pawns-a1, b2, c2, d1 knights-a2, d2 bishop-c1 rook-b1
Black: pawns-a8, b7, c7, d8 knights-a7, d7 bishop-b8 rook-c8

Pawns can't move two spaces on their first move.

Once a piece gets to the other side of the board (i.e., the opponents back rank), it gets a chipp. Once all pieces of one color remaining on the board are chipped, that player wins. He loses if all his pieces are captured.

Long Variation

When a piece is chipped, it changes to another piece and ends up on their back rank in the same file. It changes in this order: Pawn- Knight- Bishop- Rook. Once all remaining pieces of one color are rooks, that player wins. All other rules are the same is in the regular variation.

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