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Diamond Chess

Diamond Chess has several remarkable qualities:

  • No rules are different from standard chess.
  • Each player begins with 25 pieces- 12 bishops, 10 rooks, 2 queens, 1 king.
  • No pawns or knights are used.
  • Development is faster, more dangerous, less tedious than with standard chess.
  • The theoretical depth is NOT disappointing.
  • The opening setup has perfect, bilateral symmetry.

Game stability and a very small first-move advantage are assured due to:

  • An opening setup where no captures are possible upon the first move.
  • An opening setup where the kings are very well protected.

Diamond Chess is ready to be played, analyzed, enjoyed against computer and/or human opponents.

  • "Zillions Of Games 1.X" allows the opening setup to be played directly as a game.
  • Six standard chess sets are required to physically own a Diamond Chess set (except the board).

Click here to download the Zillions of Games implementation of this game.

Written by a reader. Web page posted by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: 21 Sep 2000. Last modified on: 21 Sep 2000.