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This page is written by the game's inventor, Namik Zade.

The War of World`s Warriors Chess

The War of World`s Warriors Chess is logic continuation of The Clash of Civilizations Chess. The basic purpose creation above the mentioned game were:

1. Association of two various Chess Armies ( West Army and East Army); 2. And testing the most popular and often used pieces from the East and West Chess games together (Fergus Duniho`s Eurasian Chess, Shako and so on); 3. Construction of initial position with an optimum pieces dencity within the limits of 50%+2% or 50%-2%.


Board 10x10

White - p p p p p p p p p p / R N B U Q K U B N R / . Ca O A . . C O Ca .

Black - p p p p p p p p p p / R N B U K Q U B N R / . Ca O C . . A O Ca .

Pawns protection: 3 2 1 4 4 4 4 1 2 3, pieces dencity 52%, opening setup is the central symmetry ( Figure 1).

Figure 1, Basic Version W.W.W.Chess

In Figure 2 are shown another basic version W.W.W.Chess.

Figure 2, Basic Version W.W.W.Chess

White - p p p p p p p p p p / R N B F Q K F B N R / . Ca U A . . C U Ca .

Black - p p p p p p p p p p / R N B F K Q F N B R / . Ca U C . . A U Ca .

Pawns protection: 1 3 2 4 4 4 4 2 2 1


Pieces - P - Pawn, R - Rook, B - Bishop, N - Knight, A - Archbishop, C - Chancellor, Q - Queen and K - King - wellknown pieces. The Unicorn(U) has a kind of stretched Knights move: it jumps one diagonally and two stright, so e.g. from a1 to b4 or d2, from d2 to g1, g3, e5, c5, a3 and a1, and so on. As a Knight, U is not obstructed by pieces standing on passed squares. U - has moved like the Camel from Tamerlane Chess.The Cannon (Ca) moves differently when it moves to capture than when it moves passively. Ca - moves passively as an Orthodox Rook. Ca - moves to capture as an Orthodox Rook which is required to hop over a single screen. In other words, Ca - capture by hoping over a second piece in order to capture a third piece. For example, Ca - on a1 can take a piece on f1 when exactly one of the points b1, c1, d1, or e1 is occupied by a piece of either color. Ca - only capture when hoping and only hop when capturing. They may never hop over more than one piece in a given move. The Monk (O) (It is looks like the Fao from Dervish Chess by Benoit Dauphin). The Monk is meant a name of the Buddhist cleric. The Monk is the diagonal counterpart of the Cannon. The Monk moves passively as an orthodox Bishop. The Monk moves to capture as an orthodox Bishop which is required to hop over a single screen. F(Fil) move like King or leaps two squares diagonally and orthogonally. In this case Fil = Rook. It is not obstructed by a piece on the jumped square.

In Figure 3 are shown W.W.W.Chess with different Armies, pieces dencity 52%. This variant is based on the well-known citation of T.Hobbes "War of All Against All". .

Figure 3, All vs All

The Clash of Civilizations Chess proceeds!


The game follows the Standart Chess rules.


W.W.W.Chess is more complex variant, but has a plenty of new various kinds of combinations. W.W.W.Chess possesses doubtless mathematical advantages and from the aesthetic point of view it is symmetric and a board is not a large enough. In this game at once participating a maximum quantity of various pieces (13).


Below, graphic representations of used pieces are shown:

- Queen; - King; - Bishop; - Cannon;- Monk; - Knight; - Unicorn; - Chancellor; - Archbishop; - Rook; - Pawn; - Fil;

For the best strategic and tactical planning in W.W.W.Chess, it is possible to take advantage of following power dependences between pieces:

Q = R + B > C = R + N > A = B + N > R > Ca > B > O > F = N > U = 2-2.5P;

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By Namik Zade.
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