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  • PRNBQK= Same as Chess/Ultima. Pawns promote to S.Pawns which move as queens, but ultima move is still Pawns. Queens move only up to 3 spaces when making Chess moves. Pawn cannot make initial double steps by chess moves.
  • I= Rook in Chess, Immobilizer in Ultima. Pieces are only immobilized when making Ultima moves.
  • C= Check: Chess move: As a checkers piece only forward, no compulsory capture. Promotes to Queen-Checkers which can be forwards and backwards. Ultima move: As queen, captures 2 pieces by intervention orthogonally. If only one opponent's piece on the side, it can't capture.
  • G= General: Chess move: As shogi Silver General. Promotes to Gold General. Ultima move: As queen, and cannot capture.


No check/mate, win by capturing opponent's king. You can also drop as in Shogi, but no drop restriction. Dropped pieces are unpromoted. Some pieces can promote on the last row. On your turn, you can either make a Chess move or Ultima move, or drop a piece from your bench. No castling/en-passan. Pieces only promote when making a Chess move.

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