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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

super splicers

I have read the article for ralph betza's experimental chess with different arnies army thhe meticulous mashers. I thought of making my own army like that on so here goes...


On the rook's square's:
the forfer (R4F) This piece moves as a four square rook or ferz. This piece is pleasant to use and and is easier to develop than a regular rook but is is pf shorter range but.
On the knight's squares:
the waffle (WA) This piece moves as a wazir or alfil. I feel to many people use the fibnif as a knight substitute and I wanted something different this piece has less forwards moves but is neither colorbound or colorchanging.
On the bishop's square's:deacon (B4kW) moves as four square bishop plus a spacious wazir (the k in the notatation was something i made up to show spacious pieces)
On the queens squares: the admiral (C2Q4) this piece moves as a four square queen plus a two square crab-rider


This army was inspired by Ralph Betza’s experimental army the meticulous mashers.

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