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Super Chess 1993

In late 1993, someone with the name "Michael N Goldshteyn" proposed a huge 14x14 Chess variant. His variant was proposed in this Usenet article:

I do not think he would be overly offended if I reposted his proposed Variant, so here goes.


[The following is Goldshteyn's description of the game]

Here is yet another idea for a 2 player chess variant. Although not all rules have been defined yet, here goes. By the way leave me comments if you find this a good idea, as well as change possibilities to make it more fun.

Super Chess on 14x14 board



Piece Symbol Description
pawn    P    moves: forward 1, forward 1 or 2 initially
             captures: diagonally forward, all
             promotion: promotes to all but king upon reaching final rank
knight  N    moves: L shaped 2 square in one direction, 1 square at right angle
                    to first direction
             captures: same as moves and occupies that square
bishop  B    moves: Diagonaly any number unless blocked
             captures: diagonaly first enemy in path, and occupies that square
rook    R    moves: Straight line any number unless blocked
             captures: straight line first enemy in path, and occupies square
queen   Q    moves: bishop+rook
             captures: bishop+rook
camel   C    moves: similar to knight but 3 and 1 instead of 2 and 1 (bigger L)
             captures: similar to knight but 3 and 1 instead of 2 and 1
octopus O    moves: knight+bishop
             captures: knight+bishop
shifter S    moves: like king
             captures: like king
jumper  J    moves: 2 squares any direction
             captures: can jump over one enemy piece like a checker, capturing
                       it and occupying the destination square, 2 away from
                       the start square
air     A    moves: 4 squares in any combination (straight+diagonal)
             captures: any enemy along path, stopping at that square
lord    L    moves: rook+knight
             captures: rook+knight
demon   D    moves: like king
             captures: none
             special: any friendly piece touched cannot be captured, other
                      than another demon
faerie  F    moves: like bishop
             captures: like rook
envy    E    moves: like king
             captures: none
             special: give any friendly piece touching other than an envy or
                      pawn, queen like movement and capture capability, in
                      addition to normal abilities, but only for one move if
                      contact is lost on that move. Once contact is lost,
                      piece reverts to normal.
grunt   G    moves: camel+king
             captures: camel+king
             special: if captured, returns to square of origin if not occupied,
                      otherwise lost (square of origin on either side (left or
                      right) of board, permissible)
king    K    moves: 1 square any direction, but not into check, no castling
             captures: 1 square any direction, but not into check
             special: if under attack, and cannot defend, it is checkmated,
                      game over, opponent wins. Stalemate is a loss. No draws
                      accept by agreement of players.


[All of the rules are as per the description of the pieces above.]


Goldshteyn finished off the posting with "I strongly recommend you print this out and look it over and tell me what you think :)."

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Author: Sam Trenholme. Inventor: Michael N Goldshteyn.
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