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Square Attrition Chess


This is a draw free chess variant. It is based on the principle of square attrition.


The game uses the usual orthodox chess board and piece set. n times 64 discs are needed as extra equipment, where n is a parameter of the game.

At the beginning of the game, n discs are placed on each square. Then the usual chess pieces are set up in the usual start position.


Same as in Orthodox Chess.


The rules are the same as those of Orthodox Chess, except for the following differences:

  • there is no draw by repetition, the 50 moves rule or insufficient material
  • there are n discs on each square at the beginning of the game (n is a positive integer, a parameter of the game)
  • when a piece moves, one disc is removed from the square it moves away from
  • a piece cannot move to a square with no disc, except when castling
  • when castling and a destination square is without disc, one disc is put on that square
  • the player to move loses when unable to make a legal move

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By Thomas .
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