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Skidoo Chess


This game was inspired by the children's television programme, "Blue's Clues", wherein the character Blue can use an ability called "Blue skidoo" in order to enter pictures.



Same as FIDE Chess.


Same as FIDE Chess, except:

Pieces on the exterior board on the central squares can, as a turn, "skidoo", dropping on an empty square on the corresponding quadrant on the interior board.

Pieces on the interior board that started on the exterior board can exit the interior board, dropping on the corresponding central square.

Exterior Pawns can only move two squares and promote on the exterior board.

You lose if either King is captured.


"Skidoo" is pronounced as "ski-DOO". It is not to be confused with the homonym, refering to a ski lift, which is pronounced as "SKEE-doo".

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