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This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Shogi with Cannons

This game is designed to remove a piece in Shogi which I perceive to have a nearly useless attack from its original position, the Lance. Replacing it is the Xiang Qi Cannon.


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Mostly the same as Shogi, except Cannons replace the Lances. Note that Cannons attack Pawns which are defended by Horses, something shared in Xiang Qi. I was originally going to have Cannons in the Rooks' and Bishops' places, but I found they were able to attack undefended Pawns very quickly in the opening.


Same as Shogi and Xiang Qi. Cannons do not promote.


Same as Shogi. Cannons can be captured and dropped just like normal Shogi pieces. A Pawn may not be dropped if it would cause checkmate, even if the Pawn is not the one attacking.

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By John Smith.
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