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Sengoku Shogi


This game is based on Feudal Japan


Same as Shogi for each board, except all players have a die, and all players roll their die at the start (or you could have it so that they choose).


Same as Shogi for each board.


ALLIANCES: Players have one die (I don't care how many sides, so long as they are all equal).  A player can, instead of moving, roll this die and place it in front of him.  Players with the same number can do Ally Actions, players with adjacent numbers can do Diplomatic Shift, and other pairs of players can do Enemy Actions.

REINFORCE: Captured pieces can go to their army. ALLY ACTION

AID: If the first player's game is won, he/she can move his/her army to an Ally's board, or an Enemy's and place it on sideways.  (i.e. First or last three files). Their army is separate. ALLY/ENEMY ACTION

SPY: A player may sacrifice a captured piece permanently to create a spy of the same type in an enemy.  Promoted pieces have no reason to betray the enemy and cannot be spies. ENEMY ACTION

DIPLOMATIC SHIFT: A player may move his die by one if he has a player he is Neutral to.  He also places a pawn in this player's army if they are now Allies or in this player's opponent's army if the two previously Neutral players are now Enemies. NEUTRAL ACTION

The object of the game is to be the last man standing.


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