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Rotorblades Fusion Chess


In mid-2010 I published Rotorblades Chess, played on a circular tiling of triangular cells. Rotorblades Fusion Chess takes the concept one step further, by allowing pieces to merge and split apart - a concept first popularized by Fergus Duniho almost a decade ago. Leaping pieces may also convert enemy pieces to friendly pieces by jumping over them; Hornets and Termites may similarly convert pieces by sandwiching them.

The game takes its name from Rotorblades Chess and Fusion Chess, the latter invented by Fergus Duniho in 2001. The board is identical to the Rotorblades Chess board; many, but not all, of the pieces used are the same. The main difference is in the method of capturing.




There is no castling or en passant. Win by checkmate or by converting the King. Stalemate and baring the King also count as a qualified win - better than a draw, but not as good as a checkmate. Award a half-point to each player for a draw, a half-point to one player only for forcing a stalemate or for baring the enemy King, and a whole point for a checkmate.


I have programmed a Zillions of Games file to play this game. You may download it here. You need the Zillions of Games engine installed to play it.

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By David Cannon.
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