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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.


This game is called "Reldoub". Please read the instructions below.




  • R-Relay: Moves/captures as rook. Any piece of any color may step here, then move again with that piece, leaving the relay here, max.value = value of relay.
  • N=Night: Moves/captures as knight.
  • B=Bank: Moves/captures as bishop. When it moves adjacent to any piece of any color, amount of that type of piece on your bench is set to: (A*(1+(V*0.10))), A=old value, V=moving fraction of bank's value.
  • K=King: Moves/captures as king. If you lost at least 1/2 of your king, you lose the game.
  • G=Guard: Moves/captures 1 space diagonally (Firzan).
  • D=Doubler: Moves/captures as rook. Any adjacent piece of either color uses up a half less move energy per turn to move. If my value = 1/2, then a piece uses 1/4 (of its own value) less energy (3/4 normal), etc. The amount of energy required cannot go negative, it will only go down to zero.
  • P=Pawn: Moves/captures 1 orthogonally forward. When across river (after 5th row), is 1 orthogonal any direction.
  • #=Wall: No movement. If captured by anyone, they must immediately place it on any empty square or resign.
  • *=Stone: No movement. If captured, must be placed on an adjacent empty square, or destroy any adjacent object (even the river, or any piece of either color, or a non-colored piece) without placing the stone.
  • ==River: Can't be captured. It just blocks you.


  1. You lose if you cannot move.
  2. You must make 1 whole move, may be split into fractions as small as you want (see Fractional Chess ).
  3. Opponent pieces you capture are put onto your bench, as in Shogi. Drops may only be in your first 5 rows, and they cost the fraction of the part of piece dropped. You may drop on top of one of your pieces of same type, to add to the fraction.


Any questions? I have never played. When/if I do, (or you do!), I will list more here.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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