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Persian Chess (hidden)

Persian Chess is a member of the Citadel chess class, designed in 2006 by Anooshiravan Ahmadi in the Hague, the Netherlands. It is played on a 9x9 chess board with 4 corner (Citadel) squares.
This variant is published free and open source. Derivative work requires author's permission, as mentioned in the open source license.
The research and development work of Persian Chess was previously published as "Chess 911" which is now deprecated, but the game rules of "chess 911" still lives as the "Egyptian Eye" sub-variant of Persian Chess.

Currently there are 4 sub-variants defined and programmed, and it is subject to future development and changes. However, the stablished and programmed sub-variant rules will not be changed in the future unless for bug fixing.
These 4 sub-vaiants are:
- Celtic Citadel
- Persian Princess
- Egyptian Eye
- Orbital Omega

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By Persian Chess.
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