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NWAPs- Ninjas With Awesome Power
PAWNs- Punier in All Ways than NWAPs


1. Simply replace all pawns with NWAPs. 
2. Or you could have it so pawns promote to NWAPs.
3. Or a row of pawns and a row of NWAPs.


NWAPs move as Stewards, that is, they move orthogonally and capture diagonally one square.

NWAPs have special abilities if more than one are together.  Here is a list of the five that have been declassified:
1. Synchronization- Any two or more NWAPs that are adjacent can move as one.
2. Cover- If two NWAPs are vertically adjacent, neither can be captured.
3. Phalanx- If there is a rectangle or square of NWAPs (does not have to be filled in), then no enemy piece may step into an unoccupied square on the area around the rectangle or square.  They may capture a piece there, though.
     -EX. If NWAPs are on a1, a2, b1, and b2, then no enemy piece may enter c1, c2, a3, b3, or c3.
4. Catapult- If there is a line of three NWAPs, then one on the edge may be thrown in the direction of the others to land on any square beyond, including one occupied by the enemy.
5. Sacrifice- If a NWAP is captured, and another is adjacent, the adjacent one is removed instead and the one originally to be captured is pushed one square away from the capture.


None.  NWAPs do not promote, since they're already so awesome, and do not capture en passant, because of their strict code of honor.

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