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Ninja Chess


As far as I know, there aren't any chess variants where you can make consecutive captures apart from multi-move variants, so I made Ninja Chess because I thought this mechanic would be interesting. Ninjas can make 3 consecutive captures on the same turn. I also decided to add guards because when I was playtesting this the ninjas were too powerful otherwise.


Ninja Chess is played on a 12x8 board with all the standard FIDE pieces, plus two ninjas, two guards, and four extra pawns. The ninjas are on files c and j, and the guards are on files d and i.


The ninja moves as a king, but it can make three consecutive captures on the same turn so long as each capture is one king-move away from the previous one. Ninjas cannot capture guards, and cannot give check or checkmate unless they are on the square beside the king.* (see notes)

the guard moves as a king or an alfil (jumping two spaces diagonally.) A guard cannot be captured by a ninja.


Castling is allowed; the king moves to the c rank when castling queenside and to the k rank when castling kingside.

En passant is allowed and pawns can promote to ninjas or guards in addition to the usual pieces.

All other pieces move and rules are as in FIDE chess.


* the reason I added this rule was because without it it is too easy to checkmate a castled king with a ninja. Without this rule the diagram below would be checkmate:

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