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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lev Grigoriev. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

Neoteric Different Pawns Random Chess

I’ve seen Game Courier preset of Makov's Different Pawns Random Chess, so I’ve thought what it’d be if all pawn-like pieces will be more different and strong. So it’s here!


Classical 8x8 board, all substantive (back rank) pieces are placed as in FIDE chess. But pawn-likes aren’t…

They are shuffled automatically in random order on the 2nd (for White, 7th for Black) rank, but unlike Fischer Random, their placement is asynchronous (not mirror).

By this, with protection of substantives, pawns can use all their different powers!

Possible starting setup:



Move (Passive / Capture, if divergent) | Feature


 Footer (F)

1 (2 from start) directly forward | can perform en passant by taking and then again moving forward 


 Pawn (P)

1 (2 from start) directly forward / 1 diagonally forward 


 Axeman (A)

1 (2 from start) directly forward / 1 narrow knightwise forward


 Shielder (S)

1 (2 from start) directly forward / 1 directly sideways | pushes enemy piece which is 1 square ahead, stepping 1 forward


 Horseman (H)

1 narrow knightwise forward


 Warrior (W)

1 diagonally forward / 1 or 2 (not leaping, except for en-passant) directly forward


 Xawn (X)

1 directly sideways or forward


 Dodger (D)

1 directly sideways or diagonally forward



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