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This page is written by the game's inventor, Calvin Pomerantz.

Multiple of 10 Checkmate

This game was invented by me. As far as I know, this isn't played or mentioned anywhere else. (as I am now writing it, of course.) As I like contributing to chess sites, everyone has permission to use this variant anywhere.


The only way to win is to checkmate the opponent's King on a move number that is a multiple of 10. If checkmate is achieved on a non-multiple of 10 move, the King is teleported back to its home square. If that square is in check or if a piece is there, it is teleported to the opponent's King's home square. If that square is occupied or in  check, then the game is drawn. This counts as a move. If the move to be used to teleport a King to the home square is the multiple of 10th move, and both home squares are in check or occupied, then the game is won by the checkmating player. Check is as in Standerd Chess
This could be used to handicap the stronger player in standerd chess, one player has this handicap, the other doesn't have it.
This can also be played as a multiple of any number, but 10 is easiest.
This rule can be applied to any variant, not just Standard Chess
This can be played with check illegal on any move except multiples of 10
Instead of the King teleporting to its home square, it can be illegal to put the King into checkmate on a move except a multiple of 10


This rule is very useful in preventing fool's mates.
It also makes endgames more interesting.

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By Calvin Jack Pomerantz.
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