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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

Minesweeper chess

Cross between chess and "Minesweeper", one of the most famous videogames. It have incomplete information, but unlike other such games it don't need computer or referee. Besides normal equipment of chess (or other chess/checkers-like game), you need only paper and a pair of pencils.


Before playing, each player must set 8 bombs on his/her half of board. Opponent don't see these bombs. Bombs may be placed under friendly pieces.


Any piece may leap over any bomb. Bombs don't affect friendly pieces. When piece moves to opponent's half of board, it's owner must know, how many opponent's bombs (from 0 to 8) are adjecent. It's a little different from "Minesweeper" videogame. If piece moves to square, occupied by opponent's bomb, this piece and all adjecent pieces (whatever side they belongs!), but NOT bombs, are removed from game. Once blowed up bomb will not work again, but it still counts when opponent moves to adjecent square. King may be killed with bomb, and it's owner will lose. If both kings are killed in same move, it's draw.


1)Same as above, but bombs must be placed randomly.
2)Owner of bombs don't know, where they are and how many bombs are adjecent.
3)Bombs may be placed anywhere, expect opponent's opening squares and adjecent. One square may be occupied by two bombs of different color, and they DON'T blow up in same move.
4)Players have no own bombs. There are 16 neutral bombs, placed randomly on any squares, expect opening positions. One don't know how many bombs there are adjecent to opening positions of friendly pieces, and how many bombs adjecent to squares, wich was occupuied by opponent's pieces.
5)These rules can be applied to any variant above, making them rather modest. When bomb is blown up, adjecent pieces are not removed from play, only piece on bomb's square.

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By Daniil Frolov.
Web page created: 2010-06-21. Web page last updated: 2010-06-21