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This is a game I invented a while ago but didn't put in here. It is an experiment of some new rules.




  • Rock (*): A neutral piece. Cannot move by itself.
  • Guard (G): Moves one space in any direction. Cannot capture rocks. Leaves behind a rock.
  • Cannon (C): Moves as the Korean cannon and does not capture rocks. It can also capture any rock in the same row or column as the cannon. (These are two different kind of moves; you cannot make both at the same time.)
  • Mind (M): Non-capturing one space orthogonally, or capturing one space diagonally. Can capture rocks orthogonally and diagonally. Leaves behind a vector of your own color.
  • Vector (V): Moves according to the displacement with another vector piece of the same color. For example, if it is a knight's move away from another of your own vector, then it has the capability to move as a knight. Cannot capture rocks.
  • Antivector (A): Like the vector, but using the displacement from rocks instead (regardless of who created the rocks). Like the vector, it cannot capture rocks.


Whoever capture opponent's mind is winner. If you have no legal move, you lose.


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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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