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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

Mid-Evil Chess

This game was inspired by Shatranj, Mir chess, and Gothic Isles chess along with many others
as you will see and it is completely drawless. This is the second game in my series of three games each working progressively back in time.




Pieces move as in ches except as stated otherwise. Kings cannot castle
but can make noncapturing knight moves as long as it isn't in check. Heroes move as kings but are not royal and can make noncapturing knight moves attacked or not. Chariots move as rooks. Dragons either leap to the second diagonal square or move one orthogonally. pawns have no double step and promote only to hero or exchange itself for any captured piece and it is place on it's starting square's if it came in pair and the pawn dissapears the starting square can either be empty or contain an enemy unit if a friendly is there it is placed on any free square. knights move normally


The game is won by checkmate, stalemate, or baring the opponent's king. You may not make a move that repeats the same board position three times. No perpetual check


This game cannot draw and is fairly simple. And it has no colorbound pieces and is heavily influenced by shatranj's bare king rule and kings ability to make a non capturing knight move and win by stalemate or bare king. And Gothic Isles chess' semi modern shatranj. Along with Mir chess

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By Andy Maxson.
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