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This page is written by the game's inventor, כהן דותן.


A dual-board chess variant which preserves the basic moves and strategies of chess, yet adds new strategies and considerations. It is a form of "3-D chess", yet not gimicky as the current forms are, possibly because this variant did not start off with the intention to do another "3-D" idea. In fact, the 'stacking' of boards is a late addition to the game and not necessary for the rules to hold. It does help spatially-oriented human minds to relate to the game, though!


A (preferably transparent) chess board is suspended about 30 cm above another board. Standard chess piece setup is done on the top board, and the bottom board is initially empty.


Standard chess pieces.


Standard chess gameplay occurs on the top board, with the bottom board initially empty. Whenever a piece is captured on the top board, it is moved to the same position on the bottom board. When the capturing piece later moves off the square, the piece below it (if still there) returns 'up' to the top board. Thus, pieces are initially 'buried' instead of 'captured'.

If a piece already exists in the relevant position on the bottom board, then that piece is then removed from the bottom board and considered 'captured' in the traditional sense. Thus, each position can have only a single 'buried' piece. Furthermore, all pieces on the bottom board must have an associated piece above them.

The twist is that a player can take his turn on the bottom board instead of the top board only if that move results in a capture. This is a traditional capture: the piece never returns to gameplay. Additionally, the rule that all bottom-board pieces have associated pieces above them is preserved.

The game ends when the King is checkmated on the top board.


The fact that each position (square) can have only a single buried piece makes gameplay very interesting. It becomes strategy to not defend pieces as taking an opponent's piece which just took your own piece will mean that your piece is forever captured. Other interesting strategy aspects emerge, such as 'wormholing' through the bottom board or tricking your opponent into capturing pieces that you prefer to have on the bottom board. Gameplay is much longer, but mistakes are more forgiving.

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By כהן דותן.
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