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This page is written by the game's inventor, Namik Zade.


The idea of this variant is to make a new game without directly disposing the large heritage of the classical the East and the West Chess games. All rules of orthodox Chess are kept. Castling is not allowed. The purpose was to design optimal symmetrical setup with maximum of the most popular in the West and in the East Chess Pieces with Pieces density near 50%. To this Game setup extra added very interesting Piece Chameleon, Rookknight and so on (guest stars), which are invented by Mats Winther. Many Chess parameters in this game are symmetric. For exp., 12 Pawns and 13 Pieces without special Piece King, Setup is central symmetry, Pieces density 52%, 3x2 simple Pieces (Rook, Bishop, Knight), 3x1 Complex Pieces (Queen, Archbishop, Chancellor), 2x1 Chameleon type Pieces (Cannon and Centaur or Rookrider and Cannonrider) and 1 King. Pieces set is complete with all combinations of the moves of the light pieces, each Pawn was covered like 1,1,2,3...3,1,1,1, three consistently located squares has been differently filled. All Pieces have possibility to made first move. A Chameleon is powerful Piece and it is possible to give checkmate to a lonely King. The 10 different Pieces paricipate in this game. All different combinations of Pieces represented in this game: 1. A simple move pieces - Bishop, Rook; 2.Hopping move Pieces - Knight, Nightrider, Unicorn and Pegasus; 3.A complex simple move Piece - Queen; 4.A complex different (not only stright line moves) move Pieces - Archbishop, Chancellor; 5.A Chameleon type moving Piece - Cannon (moving like a Rook but killing with another way); 6.A Chameleon type Piece - Centaur, Rookrider, Cannonrider and so on.( This Piece is changed from Rook to a Knight and vice-versa on a different colours squares.Parade of the Stars

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By Namik Zade.
Web page created: 2006-10-14. Web page last updated: 2006-10-14