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This game is a favorite of one of its inventors, Eric Silverman.

Heavy Shako

Heavy Shako was invented by Eric Silverman, with Jean-Louis Cazaux as an inspirator.

When Eric Silverman implemented Yangsi in Ai Ai, he played it many times, and found that he really enjoyed the game - so much so that he was inspired to create a similar game. Eric put together a concept for this new game, which was improved with the help of Jean-Louis Cazaux, the creator of the original Shako. The resulting game became Heavy Shako, which, in Eric's own words, is "an extension of Shako that fills in all the gaps in the back rank with other pieces used in the larger variants by Jean-Louis Cazaux". It is certainly an intriguing game, with its focus on compound leapers.


files=10 ranks=10 holdingsType=1 promoChoice=QLRZSWCNBVE graphicsDir=/graphics.dir/alfaeriePNG/ whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b lightShade=#FFCC9C darkShade=#CF8948 graphicsType=png squareSize=54 symmetry=mirror firstRank=1 borders=0 rimColor=#000000 coordColor=#FFFFFF pawn::::a3,b3,c3,d3,e3,f3,g3,h3,i3,j3 knight:N:::c2,h2 bishop::::d2,g2 rook::::b2,i2 queen::::e2 cannon::::a1,j1 crocodile:V:mBcpB:crocodile:d1,g1 woody rook:S:WD:warmachinewazir:c1,h1 elephant::FA:elephantferz:a2,j2 sorceress:W:mQcpQ:slidinggeneral:e1 squirrel:Z:AND:squirrel:b1,i1 buffalo:L:NCZ:wildebeest:f1 king::KijsO2::f2


The King moves one space in any direction but not into check. It moves the same as it does in Chess.
The Queen moves as a Rook or a Bishop, the same as it does in Chess.

The Sorceress moves as a Queen but must hop over an intervening piece to capture.
The Buffalo moves as a Knight, Camel, or Zebra (It can make a (1,2), (1,3), or (2, 3) leap in any direction).

The Rook slides across the board in a vertical or horizontal direction, as it does in Chess.
The Bishop slides across the board in any diagonal direction, as it does in Chess.

The Knight leaps to a space one file and two ranks away or two files and one rank away, as it does in Chess.
The Pawn moves one space vertically forward without capturing, and it moves one space diagonally forward to capture, as it does in Chess. It can also move two squares forward on its first move and capture by en passant a Pawn that has just made a double move like it does in Chess. However, it is subject to different rules of promotion.

Woody Rook

The Woody Rook leaps one or two spaces in any orthogonal direction. It is a compound of the Wazir and the Dababbah.


The Elephant leaps one or two spaces in any diagonal direction. It is a compound of the Ferz and the Alfil. It was introduced in Shako, and it moves the same as it does in that game.

The Cannon moves as a Rook but must hop over an intervening piece to capture. This piece comes from Chinese Chess and moves the same as it does in that game.
The Crocodile moves as a Bishop but must hop over an intervening piece to capture. It was created in the early 20th century as the diagonal counterpart to the Cannon.

The Squirrel moves as a Knight or jumps to the second square in any orthogonal or diagonal direction.


Aside from the additional pieces, Heavy Shako is played like Chess, except that Pawns have more promotion options (they can promote to the new pieces as well as the old ones).


Computer Play

You can Play Heavy Shako online with Game Courier.

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Author: A. M. DeWitt. Inventor: Eric Silverman and Jean-Louis Cazaux.

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