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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

Great battle 2nd edition

I have made Great battle chess, and like what vu vo did with quang trung chess, i've made editions of it. However, unlike with quang trung chess, you should not discard great battle first edition rateher, treat this game as great battle's sequel. Like great battle chess you can play this with the exotic pieces applet, use berolina pawns for pawns, vizier knights for knights, bishops for elephants, sissas for queens, bulldozers for rams, Kings for kings, and Gryphons for chariots.




The King moves as in regular chess but without castling (there aren't any rooks). The queen moves as a rook to empty squares (not stopping) then bishop for equal distance as traveled as rook or vice-versa. Chariot moves gryphon but not diagonally adjacent. Knight moves regulary but may also move one orthogonally. Elephants move as bishops. Rams move as kings however, do not take in this manner,they can move to an occupied square  which may have a friendly or enemy piece then push occupant one square in the same direction if the square that piece moves to is occupied then that piece is pushed in same direction and so on and so on this can push pieces off the board which can be friendly or this move may un-colorbound the elephant or whatever might happen to appear in this game. Pawns are berolina.


1.checkmate wins threefold repetition and stalemate are draws
2. pawns promote to any piece in the game except the royal king or any piece in exotic pieces applet or to whatever both sides agree to if playing with a physical chess set for example if both sides agree pawns can promote to quang trung rooks.
3. all other rules are as in orthoochess


This is the second version of great battle chess, a series of games which can be played on the exotic pieces applet

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By Andy Maxson.
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