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This page is written by the game's inventor, Este.


Goodchess is played on a sixtyfour square chessboard

The two players start with sixteen pieces each


No pieces start on each player's first row

Starting on each player's second row 
Rook - Knight - Bishop - Queen - King - Bishop - Knight - Rook

White King on e2 black King on e7

Starting on each player's third row
2 x Pawns 2 x Copper pawns 2 x Silver pawns 2 x Gold pawns

Two pawns start in front of the Knights
Copper start in front of the Bishops 	
Silver start in front of the Rooks
Gold start in front of the King & Queen


King Queen Rook Bishop Knights (all standard)

Gold moves as a King promotes to a Queen

Silver moves one orthogonally promotes to a Rook

Copper moves one diagonally promotes to a Bishop

Pawn advances one forward captures one diagonally forward promotes to a Knight 


All the rules and moves are the same as standard chess except for the pawns 

Pawns are promoted to their higher rank on reaching the last row or on capturing a non-pawn


Copper Silver & Gold pawns are based on the  ancient moves of the Ferz Wazir & Mann

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