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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Good vs. Evil Chess

On a misty battlefield, the sun struggles weakly to ascend in the cloudy sky.  The king and his men approach from the shining white castles beyond the mountains, while the empress and her demon army arise from the ground.  At first, the peasant warriors and the few untrained demons stare at each other.  Then, the cry arises to ATTACK!!!


Same as chess, but you must differentiate between the two bishops and rooks.


King- King- King- Royal: must be captured to win
Queen- Prince- Q2- Hereditary: promotes to royal when royal captured or if it kills a royal
Light-square Bishop- Bishop- Bishop- Clerical: Converts instead of capture, cannot be adj. to magical
Dark-square Bishop- Wizard- Ferz or Camel- Magical: Does not move to capture, cannot be adj. to clerical
Knight- Knight- Knight- Chivalric: Cannot capture superstitious, royal, or hereditary, but superstitious must follow, i.e. superstitious pieces adjacent to it at the start of its turn are still in the same relative position at the end
Left Rook- Engineer- R4- Crafty: Builds walls and towers in any orthogonally adjacent space.
Right Rook- Archer- Non-leaping knight- Armed: Shoots as a rook to capture, or as a nightrider when in a tower
Pawn- Peasant Warrior- Chinese Pawn- Superstitious: Cannot capture chivalric, clerical, or magical, but chivalric must capture attackers if possible, even of its own side.

Black- Evil
King- Empress- Queen that can't move through check- Royal
Queen- Mad Monk- King- Hereditary
Light-square Bishop- Cultmaster- Dabbaba or Alfil- Clerical
Dark-square Bishop- Sorcerer- Crooked Bishop- Magical
Knight- Demon Rider- Jumps 1 orthogonally and 2 diagonally outward- Chivalric
Left Rook- Alchemist- Dabbaba, Alfil, Knight, or King- Crafty
Right Rook- Shadow Archer- Bishop- Armed
Pawn- Demon- Berolina Pawn- Superstitious


Checkmate exists.  No initial two-step or en passant.  Promote to any piece on your side.  Castling doesn't exist.

Walls are blockers that can be captured and cannot be leapt over except by leaping pieces.  Walls may be stacked three high only.

Towers can top walls.  No walls may be built on towers, and archers are the only pieces that can be in towers.  If a tower is captured, the archer inside (if any) and one wall beneath (if any) are captured as well!

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