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This page is written by the game's inventor, Namik Zade.

Gomoku and Donkeys

Gomoku -The board begins empty. The players each drop a Knights, a Nightriders or Cowboys anywhere on the board. After that, the players alternate moving their piece. When a piece moves from a square he leaves behind his block to show he's already claimed that space. The object is to get five of your blocks in a row in any direction. If a piece becomes trapped and unable to make a move, the player automatically forfeits the game. Dunkeys -The Donkey is neutral Piece. White and Black are playing by turn with lonely Donkey. When a Donkey moves from a square he leaves behind his banner to show he's already claimed that space. Using Knight`s or Nightrider`s moves, you must beat the computer. Less moves - better score. If you can`t move, you lose.


Traditional classical the chess Knight or Nightrider.

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By Namik Zade.
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