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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.


This game is based on Giveaway Chess, and some comments on other articles. It also has some of my own ideas.




  • Pawn (P): Same as chess. Can make initial double move, but no en passant. Promotes only to Warlord.
  • Knight (N)
  • Bishop (B)
  • Rook (R)
  • Queen (Q)
  • King (K): One space in any direction, no royal. Can castle by moving two spaces in one orthogonal direction and one rook (yours or opponent's) jump over the king. No restriction about moving into/out of/through check.
  • Ghost (G): Can go to any vacant square on the board. Cannot capture.
  • Relay (X): Can go one space any direction or as the knight. Cannot capture. Any adjacent opponent's piece (including other relay and ghost) gains ability to move directly away as a rook without capture, or directly away as a bishop with capture.
  • Warlord (W): Can (and must) capture any opponent's piece on board, but you can choose which one.


You must capture when you are able to capture, although you can select which capture to make.

Any player with no legal moves on their turn wins (if you have no pieces remaining, you also do not have any legal moves, and therefore you win).


There are a few uses of the Ghost. One use is to block opponent's pawns from moving. Another use is to use it at the correct time to force opponent to make a series of captures. And one more possible use is to block your pieces so that you will not be forced to make a capture.

One possible variant of this game is to make it so that you only win if you have no pieces remaining, and otherwise a player with no legal moves passes their turn.

Another variant is adding a Virgin (V) piece, that makes it so any adjacent pieces (yours and opponent's) cannot make capturing moves.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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