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Frankenstein and the Werewolf

This is a companion game to Dracula and the Zombies and can be mixed with it.


Same as M. and S, but place the Sepoy's pawns on black squares, displacing their pieces one square if need be.


Maharajah- Frankenstein- King or Squirrel
Sepoys- Move as normal on their regular spaces.  If they land on a black space, they swap with a pawn on a white space.
Pawns- Wazirs that can capture.

Checker- Village- Expands in a random orthogonal or diagonal direction
based on some kind of random number generation.  If another piece is there,
it captures it.  Only expands from last expansion.  If that is captured,
then the next recent piece is the expansion place.


The Sepoys must move a pawn if they move a piece.

Any village piece can be turned into a Werewolf if captured by a werewolf.

At the start of the game, two village pieces are randomly placed in the middle four rows.

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