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Flank Chess

Flank Chess is played on a 10x9 board.  The goal is to checkmate the king.  The unusual aspects of this game are the empty perimeter squares and new pieces, particularly the hero Achiles.


The Setup is as follows:


Wazir Pawn
Moves 1 step orthogonally but cannot move backwards. On the 8th rank it must promote. It can promote to any piece except for the King and the Pawn.

The standard Chess Rook

Moves as a standard Chess Knight or as a Wazir

Super Bishop
Moves as a standard Chess Bishop or as a Wazir

The standard Chess Queen

The hero to the game. It cannot be captured except by a Wazir Pawn or the opponent's Achiles. It moves a single square in any direction like a King. Since no piece can capture it except for a Wazir Pawn or another Achiles, it is a very powerful piece.

The standard Chess King. The usual rules apply such as check, checkmate, and castling. When castling, the King slides two spaces toward the Rook.


The rules of orthodox Chess apply unless otherwise noted.  Since the pawns cannot make a double step, there is no en passant.

Play Flank Chess Here


Once Achiles is behind your enemy Pawns, checkmate is very easy. At that point the only thing that can stop him is the opponent's Achiles. It is a common practice to sacrifice major pieces to break up the pawn defence.

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