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FIDE Chess with black/white impartiality rule


This game is identical to FIDE Chess in every way, except that it eliminates the advantage that White generally holds as the first player.


Normal setup


Normal pieces


In standard FIDE chess tournaments, players take it in turns to play as White and Black.  This (in the opinion of many) gives a slight advantage to White.  If both players play equally well, White has a slightly better chance.

My 12-year old son recently thought of a way to remedy this situation without distorting the game.  The last player to lose plays White next time.  In a 10-game match, if the same player loses five times in a row, he or she will have the White pieces five times in a row. This means that the weaker player will have the White pieces.  In a match, the Black and White pieces will not automatically alternate between the players.

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By David Cannon.
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