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This page is written by the game's inventor, Вадря Покштя.


Evolvement is the key word for this chess variant. From simple to complex. Every time a piece moves from its square, then a new chess piece appears on that particular square. E-chess is a natural development of my ideas in 'Battle of the Kings' whose complexity prompted me to create this variant.


The game starts with an empty board.


Standard Chess pieces.


  1. Players take turns placing their kings on the board. The rest chess pieces appear on the board during the game.
  2. The king is placed by the player on his own half of the board, that is, on one of the ranks 1-4 for white and 5-8 for black.
  3. The players then move the kings and chess pieces (as in standard chess) that appear on the board.
  4. Every time a piece moves from its square, a new chess piece appears on that particular square, following the simple order K>P>N>B>R>Q. A pawn appears on the square where the king was standing. The knight appears on the square where the pawn was standing. The Bishop appears on the square where the Knight was standing and so on.
  5. And only when the queen moves does a new chess piece not appear.
  6. After the king's move, the appearance of a pawn on the first or last rank is not allowed.
  7. Pawns only move one square forward. Since they do not get a double move, there is no en passant.
  8. There is no castling.
  9. In all other cases, the standard chess rules apply.


E-Chess is the chess of another universe, another dimension, replete with incredible combinations and possibilities.

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